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We want to get you the best. That’s about it. The intent of creating this platform is to be the best source of gambling and betting related news for gambling enthusiasts worldwide. The gambling industry has taken some exciting turns in recent years, and when we come to analyze the statistics, we see that the future is nothing but promising. Studies and surveys have shown that 26% of the global population has gambled and continues to do so. That is an astounding number considering that it directly represents that more than a fourth of the global community has actively contributed towards the subject, roughly around 1.6 billion people. These are just the stats of regular gamblers; the records for seasonal gamblers show that 4.3 billion people gamble at least once a year. Billions of dollars’ worth of transactions are being carried out every day, and we are here to keep you updated about that.

What’s here for you?

It would be an injustice to you if you’ve come to our platform, and you don’t know what’s here for you. Assuming that you are a gambling and betting enthusiast, we assure you that this platform will soon become your single source of information about the gambling and the betting world. Here you’ll find:

Gambling and Betting Advice: Many players globally lose massive sums of money just because they gamble mindlessly. This will not be the case with you. Here we will ensure that you get pieces of advice directly from the gambling gurus and casino champions so that you excel and win big money. Be it poker that you are interested in or the blackjack; here we will share with you great insights about the game. From the types of poker players that sit on a game table with you to how to read the opponent’s mind, you’ll find everything here.

Latest Trends: Do you know about Libratus? Do you know about DeepStack? Do you know how blockchain is revolutionizing the gambling world? Do you know the anticipated role of biometrics in the poker world? Don’t worry if you don’t. This is the platform where you’ll find all the exciting news about the gambling world. We assure you that we’ll bring you the best and updated news, so you are ahead of everyone else in the game!

International Events: Interested in following the WSOP? Do you wish to keep track of your favorite rummy player in an international tournament? Do you wish to see how the players perform and learn from them? Do you wish to know how much your favorite player is winning at an international tournament? Your search for all such answers ends here. We will cover all the recognized international tournaments and will keep you updated, so you have all the information you want just a click away.

Our Ethos

Curious to know how the platform was conceived? We are a group of dedicated professionals who share a mutual interest in the world of gambling and betting. A common goal of developing the world’s best gambling and betting news platform brought us together and motivated us to form this platform. Trust us when we say this; nothing will make us happier than bringing you the updated and relevant content to satisfy your hunger for gambling news.

Our Principles

We are driven by two fundamental principles:

  1. Dedication to brew the best content for our viewers
  2. Providing news that actually benefits our readers

These principles motivate us to bring you the best news, which is free from any biases and prejudice. Good or bad, you have the right to know, and we shall provide you exactly that!

Special Segment

The Online casino is going to receive special treatment on this platform. With the online gambling industry booming at unprecedented rates, we believe that it is only fair to provide our viewers with updated news about the online scenario. With new gambling platforms popping up regularly, we feel it is our duty to communicate which ones are legit and which ones are there to scam the players for the money. For us, the viewer’s satisfaction and benefits are everything.

Feedback Section

This section has specifically been designed for the viewers to share their hearts out. Here you’ll communicate with us directly. What you like, what you don’t, which content you’d want to be covered more, and which trends do you want detailed insights on. This section is your opportunity to get in touch with us and help us generate better content for you. Be assured that everything will be taken as constructive criticism and will be an opportunity for us to grow. You may also write for us here, and if we believe the shared content is legit, then we might even put it up on our platform. Remember that our business is driven by the model of keeping the viewers happy!

For further queries and assistance, feel free to write to us.

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