3 clown monty


The 3 Clown Monty is a simple yet addicting casino game that can be played with only a few simple steps. In this fast-paced game the objective is simple: hit all three clowns on the show in any order, horizontally or vertically. The object of the game is to be first, or to score the most points, by hitting your colored icons the fastest. To do this you must carefully watch the colors and how they match with each other and the theme of your show.

The 3 clown monty bonus features add a lot of fun and creativity to the game that could not be achieved with just basic rules of traditional slots. In the bonus features of the game you have the option to select two of your shows to play against other players who also picked the same show. Players can also play against the computer, where there are no other players allowed and the game is solely for you.

This game is an online slot game and can be easily played with a mouse click, by using your web browser if you don’t want to use a browser. One thing you should know about the game is that it uses “wild multipliers” to multiply your winnings in the game. There are two different types of wild multipliers, namely, regular and triple wild multipliers. The regular multipliers simply multiply your winnings in the normal manner, while the triple multipliers multiply your winnings in three ways. Wild multipliers are a type of bonus that is added to the regular and base game so as to make winning in the game more attractive and rewarding.