Court of hearts


Court of Hearts is the fifth slot machine from PlaynGo, this time powered by the original Nintendo console – The Wii. Ranging between the traditional 3D casino slots and the new style of graphics found on the newer slots, Court of Hearts has a lot to live up to, even though the name itself pretty much explains it all. If you are familiar with the games before, you will know right off the bat how the machines work – you start by spinning a wheel and the wheels move in accordance to what is on the reels. There is more to the story however, as you will learn by playing the game and winning or losing money, which earns you points and eventually cash that can be used in many of the game’s aspects.

Court Of Hearts is a classic 10-reel, 5-line, progressive slot machine that once again pulls from Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts character for its design. Like the other games in the series, it marks the second occasion that playing n Go has visited Wonderland, this time bringing the game to life in the form of an online casino game. This update on the already successful game brings much information to light about this beloved classic and puts a much wider focus on winning while enjoying it.

To start, the new website includes a comprehensive list of all of the currently available machines, giving you a much better idea of what is on and what odds you are likely to encounter. You can see the skyline, the number of possible wins, and more importantly, you can see how much you are likely to lose or win by looking at the symbol graphic on the reels. For each symbol, there is an icon indicating what you are paying for that spins, allowing you to make the best choice for what you want to bet on. While you can use as many of these icons as you like, only five of them are used in Court Of Hearts. Additionally, the graphics now included are drawn directly from the original cartoon, helping make the game much more alive and real-looking than it ever was before.