Prism of gems


Prism of Gems Slot is surely looking good in terms of winning potential. I will talk about what else it has to offer from this review. On the face of it, Prism of Gems appears like a normal 5-reel slots. However, it offers a unique mode, which is a result of the way that reels 5 and 1 are aligned with three stars on the horizontal.

This unique mode makes it a pretty significant improvement on the slots gameplay. For one thing, it offers a very fast gameplay. The action is triggered by a single coin insertion. The gem spinning, which can be either horizontal or vertical, can be repeated as many times as you wish. In addition, there are no hot spots where you have to stop your action to wait for a triggering of another gem.

As a result of this unique mode, I got to witness an unusual but welcome variation on the standard slots game. When playing with normal slots, you basically place your bet and hope that the jackpot will come in. You might make some money if the number of bids wins and you get the big prize. However, the same scenario can only be achieved when you play the same number of spins. The same applies to the prism game, where you can play for higher stakes and win the jackpot many times over.

A unique aspect of the game is that you are allowed to switch between different types of gems on the spin, regardless of whether they are available or not. This means that you can play a combination of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and whatever kind of gems you fancy. The mechanic that makes this possible is called the “spinner factor”. With this feature, you can rotate as many symbols on the screen as you want and never run out of combinations.

What makes the game even more interesting and challenging is the way it makes winning combination with gems a little bit tricky. On each individual spin, there are two sets of winning combination values, namely the set that can be achieved by inserting a specific gem of the same suit and the set that can be achieved by inserting any gem of the same suit into the slot. For example, on a single try you could get the set of winning combinations starting with either an emerald or a ruby, with the possibility of duplicating these gem sets whenever you want to.

This means that the game requires strategy not just in placing your bets but also in spending your time on trying to optimize your winning combination through the use of gem slot machines. Fortunately, it is possible to tweak the odds to your favor by using certain strategies and techniques. One of the simplest strategies is the splitting symbols feature which enables you to take advantage of the limited number of free spin cycles available in each game. The benefit of using symbols in slots is that the probability of hitting something increases dramatically but so does the risk. In other words, doubling your winnings on a single spin is not a very big risk.

The split-symbol technique is triggered by a timer that you set and reset every time you hit a symbol. Every time you complete one cycle with a single symbol, you gain 1 point. This allows you to build up points very rapidly and easily. You can trigger the timer at virtually any time by just clicking on the icon that displays the current number of free spins remaining on the particular slot machine you are playing. This allows you to adjust your strategy accordingly to changing payouts and winning combinations.

The last slot strategy we are going to discuss is the cascading wins bonus round. With this feature, upon winning a single free-spin you are allowed to choose to either add a second spin to your existing one or to get another free spin and immediately get a bonus on the same slot where you last won a free spin. This is a great way to rack up the most bonus points while maximizing your potential for earnings.