Scroll of dead


The Scroll of Dead has been a favorite among online players for years and is now finally seeing a release on the mobile platform. The classic theme is one that comes up time again and is becoming a favorite among die hard slot players. Scroll of Dead is new for a spin and adds a fresh, Egypt themed slot with some exciting new features. The slot is an expansion of Legacy of Dead and includes big wins, free spins, and more.

First, you have to unlock the scroll by playing the standard game on the mobile site. Once this is done, you then take on the quest of the Scroll of the Dead, a scrolling adventure based on Egyptian mythology. The story follows Anubis, a mummy figure who tries to retrieve the scroll of dead slot machines located throughout the land. Along the way, you’ll battle hieroglyphs, sarcophagi, rat men, mummies, and more along the way. The main storyline takes place in the Valley of Kings, but there are also several different side quests that you can participate in to help you on your journey.

Along with the normal gameplay of a classic slots game, players can also use their scrolls to earn up to three free spins whenever they land on an eligible symbol. Along with this, there are several other neat features which include a treasure hunt, special jackpot icons, and the ability to flip cards. There’s even an Easter egg hunt with an additional egg reward! Scroll Of Dead is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.