Learn to bet correctly: 6 rules for more success in sports betting

Proper betting has to be learned. But why are some sports betting professionals making profits in the long term and the majority of the player community ends up on loser road? First of all, it should be made clear here: there is no guarantee that your sports betting will always get you victory. But the reason for the failure of many is well known; The vast majority of players are guided by their tips from the profit opportunities and often from the sympathy for certain teams. This approach is completely wrong and leads people into losses. Proper betting includes completely different things that many sports fans often ignore. Below we have put together the 6 most important and basic rules that should lead you to long-term success.

1. Serious money management – the basic building block for success

The basis for correct betting is your own money management. Never go haphazard! Don't put gut tips with unnecessary sums. The amount you dedicate per bet should always be in a healthy ratio to your total capital. We recommend never investing more than five percent per tip. The starting point for money management is your start-up capital. Only deposit funds in the bookie that you are willing to lose. If you try to make a living under pressure, this can be fatal.

Especially at the beginning, it is advisable to plan a maximum amount for betting per month or week and to enforce this decision. Because when placing bets, it is possible to lose control and go overboard. Gambling addiction is a problem that can be avoided with clear rules.

2. You only get ahead with specialist knowledge

When placing a bet, keep this in mind; without appropriate expertise, you will not be successful. This statement does not only refer to the sport itself. Logically, if you wish to place bets on a certain team, you should know the athletes on whom you place your tips. There are thousands of ways on the Internet to get the most basic information, such as shape curves, special strengths, and weaknesses, etc. Use this input before each tip. 


“FC Bayern Munich and Real Madrid always win” – this is exactly the way of thinking that many betting fans try to earn. But every statistic proves exactly the opposite. Such soccer bets are not promising in the long run. The opposite is rather the right way. Every successful sports weather largely leaves the top teams out. The quotations offered are disproportionate to the earnings opportunities.

We also recommend placing single bets where possible. With every combination, you increase your risk absurdly. Rather try to succeed with smaller steps.

4. Mathematical systems are always out of place

Doubling the stake in the event of a loss is exactly the wrong way to equalize a minus. If you are on a long losing streak, you have to do the opposite, namely to lower your stake and adjust the bankroll.

However, there is no denying that the Martingale system can work for a short time. Nevertheless, these sports betting strategies always come up against a limit that is often used. Suppose you always double in the event of a loss and start with ten euros. Then you would have already invested 630 euros after six defeats in a row. The risk is too high.

5. The right choice of bookmakers

Proper sports betting also includes choosing a reputable and safe bookmaker. The most beautiful winnings are useless if they ultimately remain virtual in nature. Look at the licenses and the numbers that a sports betting provider has to show. You will quickly see whether there is a reputable company behind the betting platform.

Furthermore, you should look at the betting odds offered, because only fair offers secure you long-term high and substantial profits.

6. Never make up for losses with quick bets

Sports betting tips are a hobby that many players want to professionalize. At this point, however, we advise you to exercise caution when placing bets. The biggest mistake in online sports betting is trying to compensate for losses incurred through further betting.

As a sports betting professional, you must not deviate from your system. Good bets should be selected. This requires a professional analysis based on statistics. If you have made a loss so far, you will not increase your stake. On the contrary: you adjust the use of your bankroll downwards and try to work your way up again.

Conclusion: correct betting needs to be learned

How to learn to bet correctly? We have 6 basic rules, but we can be honest: nothing beats your own sports betting experience. Hence our recommendation: not only analyze the games using statistics but also your own success. In which leagues are you above average successful? What bets did you place there? Which naturally leads us to the next question.

How to correctly analyze bets? Take a look at the home form of the home team and the away form of the away team, add the direct comparison and you've mastered the basics. Probabilities can be calculated from these numbers, converted into quotas and compared with the bookmakers' counterparts. Only if your calculated odds are lower than those of the bookmaker, it is a value bet. This is the most sustainable method in online sports betting. 

Irresponsible online betting has cost people great amounts of wealth. Impulsive decisions can take people from great heights to extreme lows, Follow the above-given tips and try to bet mindfully rather than being extremely optimistic and losing all that you have. Bet responsibly!

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