Royal Flamingo Casino Review

Contrary to the popular gambling games where luck is often a decisive factor for victory or defeat, Rummy is purely a skill game. Rummy is the 3rd most popular casino game and is enjoyed by a significant number of gamblers. Thanks to Royal Flamingo Casino, the game can now be played and enjoyed online. An online casino that is a treat for rummy players worldwide; here is everything you need to know about Royal Flamingo Casino.

Rummy Royal – online Rummy

Royal Flamingo or the realm of Rummy games online offers you a pleasant and convivial environment that you can experience with friends or with other rummy players who connect to the platform from all over the world.

 What games are offered?

To make the platform enjoyable to all, Royal Flamingo Casino offers more than 9 variants of online rummy games which includes Rummy 51, Rummikub, Traditional Rummy, Gin Rummy, Kalooki 40, Gin Oklahoma, Rummy 500, Burraco, Turkish Rummy, etc. The games are available in more than 16 languages, which makes the platform accessible from all around the world.

Are there any bonuses?

Royal Flamingo Casino places special emphasis on offering unique and exciting bonuses to ensure that players have a pleasurable experience. Bonuses can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. No deposit bonus: A bonus of €5 is offered to everyone who registers on the platform without any deposit obligations.
  2. Welcome bonus: A player receives €200 as a welcome bonus, which is offered on the 1st deposit!
  3. Weekly bonuses:Royal Flamingo  Casino offers multiple weekly bonuses in the RamiRoyal lobby. That simply indicates one thing; play more and win more!

Single games or tournaments?

What is your playing style; is it more of a single game type where you play and exit or do you like to play tournaments and play till the end? At Royal Flamingo you find both variants, single games as well as the tournament styled. Here you do the following:

  • Take part in the rounds at any time.
  • Quick and multi-table tournaments are organized throughout the day.
  • Daily and weekly freerolls.
  • Guaranteed tournaments of $ 500, $ 1000, $ 3000 every month.

Free or paid?

Do you play Rummy just to have fun, or do you play it passionately to win big? At Royal Flamingo , you can play the game for both purposes. The casino offers two modes, and you may choose to enter anyone you like:

  • Fun Mode(free): Play in Fun mode with $ 4,000 virtual coins to train and practice.
  • Real Mode: In this mode, you play the game with actual currency and win real money!

Is there a loyalty program?

Yes, there is the Club Royal Stars program, which rewards loyal players and reserves many surprises and special bonuses for its members.

Final thoughts on Royal Flamingo Casino?

RamiRoyal is the undisputed world leader in online Rummy. Many secure payment and withdrawal methods are available. The support team is available every day via email and chat. The support team is also available via phone for VIP members.

So don't wait any longer, join the Rummy player community on Royal Flamingo!

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