The 3 “basic types” of poker players

Anyone who has been playing poker for a while is well aware of the most important poker rules and has a fair idea that different play the game with different kinds of intentions. While it is true that every player has a different thought process, we have observed that players generally fall under three broad categories. Read the article and do two things the next time you play the game; identify the category you belong to and identify the category your opponents belong to. This article analyses the types, categories, goals, and behavior of different poker players

  1. The recreational player

This group forms the absolute basis of every online poker room. These are the leisure players who have no specific goal; they just want to find entertainment. They have fun at the tables and often don't think much about poker strategies , bluffs, etc. Not all of them are “ poker fish,” but the majority are easy to see through. They don't really get annoyed about losses either, because for them it's just a hobby and that takes a little money. Those who regularly sit at the tables in their free time are called “regular,” an advanced variant. These are generally the big shots who have a certain liking for the game but aren’t really passionate about winning big. They play the game as a hobby, and that is it!

  1. The grinder

This type of poker player hopes to be able to earn some extra income or even make a living from playing poker. That's why he reads a lot of strategy articles, analyzes his game and tries to climb (to “grind”) the limits . Hence the name and the grinder is also a regular at the same time. However, he usually sets fixed times and spends many hours at the tables. He calculates his approximate earnings per 100 hands or big blinds and tries to constantly improve his game. Only a few manage to rise consistently, some only need a few months, others take years, and the situation changes again and again. These players have proven to earn big, but there have been instances where they’ve lost big money because they played risky hands out of the desperation to earn a fortune. The grinder wishes to be the best player that sits on the table and wishes to have the last laugh when the game ends!

  1. The high roller

Money only plays a small role; it is about prestige and winning titles that this category plays for. They  prefer to hang around on the “nose bleed limits.” For them, it is always about collecting trophies; they don’t care about losing money because their subconscious mind already knows that money will follow the titles they win. While the grinder wishes to make a living out of the game, the high rollers wish to earn fame.

Poker player categories and their behavior

In poker, especially in Texas Hold'em , it is crucial to be able to categorize the different types of players in order to be able to use the corresponding analysis for yourself and your poker game. There are four so-called extreme cases in the area of ​​game strategy in poker.

The Rock: One category is the security player, also called The Rock. This style of play is not very popular because, with this type of opponent, there is not much to get at once. They only place their bets very carefully and fold a lot of hands if they do not match the optimum. If you play this strategy yourself, it can pay off to use it at the start of a tournament. Such players like to stay on the safe side at all times. These players never usually raise the best but follow the mood of the game and then pitch in the money. The rock usually does not win much since they do not take big risks, but they do not lose much either.

The Calling Station : The second player category is called The Calling Station. Playing against a calling station is a pleasure for any good poker player. This type of player calls a lot of bets from their opponents, even if the hand of the calling station is not really good. If you have players of this category sitting against you at the table, you can confidently assume that they will happily and consistently fill the pot .

The Maniac : The third player category is called The Maniac. The so-called maniacs want to have the game under their control at all times. It is difficult to read a maniac because you never know whether a raise will be due to a good hand or whether it will just be a bluff. The maniac can certainly make a lot of money very quickly.

The Stone Killer : The fourth and last player category is called The Stone Killer. If you recognize a stone killer at the gaming table, you can almost certainly assume that you have a professional poker player in front of you. Stone killers use one of the above playing styles depending on their current hand. They act aggressively with a strong hand and thus maximize their profits. The Stone Killers usually win more and more than other players.

What kind of poker player are you?

Identifying the category you belong to can take your poker game a long way. Once you identify the type, then you will have the power to mold your game according to the circumstances. Whether you play for fun or you wish to play to earn big money, knowing your opponents is the key to success. If you stay mindful and carefully notice the opponents’ moves, you’ll surely know the category you belong to. If you wish to find out your category without taking the risk of losing big money in the process, then there are multiple online casinos that give the opportunity to play for free. You can signup there and learn and eventually champion the game!

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