The 5 most successful poker players of all time

Poker has long ceased to be a game of chance. The most successful poker players all use an individual strategy to beat the best of the best. Poker is even considered by many to be the best online casino game in the world. Poker is about more than luck. It is about forward-thinking and concentration. These are the qualities that the best poker players have. Here are the 5 best poker players of all time.

1st place: Daniel Negreanu – “The Kid Poker”

Daniel Negreanu is from Canada and has won six bracelets at the World Series of Poker so far. He is one of the most successful poker players in the world and a poker millionaire. He not only has good strategies but because of his extrovert nature and his show of talent on the international poker stage, he is a real treat to the eye.

Furthermore, Daniel Negreanu's light-footed nature also proves to be lethally deceptive to the opponents. Due to this, he always manages to steal valuable information from his opponents. On the other hand, his extroverted nature is not always positively received by the audience. Many even say that his small talk, which is often disguised as humor, is more or less condescending. Daniel takes this assessment very calmly. He says that he wants to have fun at the table and that poker should also be fun.

Daniel Negreanu is mentally considered a solid poker player with a lot of confidence. He tries several times not to let his emotions guide him. He also says that he is very good at reading other people's games. What is very astonishing is the fact that he often calls his opponent's hand aloud and is therefore usually correct.

2nd place: Erik Seidel – The Thinker

Erik Seidel is from New York and has already won eight bracelets at WOSP. He tops the list of the highest cash wins in poker. But Seidel is not particularly noticeable because he is very calm and reserved. He always tries to reveal more about his inner life. Erik Seidel worked as a stockbroker before his poker career and gained something as a professional backgammon player. It was only in the 80s that he discovered his love for professional poker. Since then, he has been the perfect antithesis to Daniel Negreanu. He is level-headed, calm, and very demanding in his way of letting the game speak for itself.

On the other hand, his introverted nature means that he and his success are often overlooked. It is difficult to find out exactly how he approaches poker. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that he reveals little about his playing style.

Based on his experience as a professional backgammon player and stockbroker, he has perfected his skills. It only appears tight. However, his behavior is often criticized. It's no wonder because his game as a mix of patience and concentration means that he seldom loses. His fortune is incredible.

3rd place: Antoni Esfandiari – The Magician

Antoni Esfandiari is an exceptional poker talent. He has won over $ 27 million to date. He even won $18.3 million in a single tournament as a single win, in 2012, in the World Series of Poker. It had a $ 42 million prize pool. The hourly wages Esfandiari received is incredible. If you only look at the pure working hours, he achieved a remarkable hourly wage of $ 254,000. It was the highest single win in poker history from a tournament at that time. But that's not all. Those who leave the WSOP as winners can rightly call themselves world champions.

A reporter asked Esfandiari what he planned to do next. Antoni Esfandiari only replied that he would sit down at the bar. Esfandiari also promised that he would donate part of the money. After all, playing poker is of paramount importance to Esfandiari, not just making money.

He moved to California with his family at the age of nine. He was often teased at school for his name. He then changed his name to Antoni. At the same time, he also started to deal with poker games. In 2004 he won his first million at the LA Poker Classics. A little later, he won his first bracelet as a participant in the World Series of Poker.

4th place: Daniel Colman

Daniel Colman is a poker legend. As with many other young players, his career started online. He used to call himself “mrGR33N13” and “riyyc225”. He specialized in Hyper-Turbo Heads-Up Sit and Gos. In the period that followed, he rose quickly, and at a tender age of 17, he became so good that he decided to earn his living with poker. In April 2011, Daniel Colman moved to Montreal to pursue his profession there. 

In 2012, Colman made big headlines on the Internet for the first time. A sensational graph appeared that showed that he had made a profit of $ 148,621 in just 363 SnGs. The corresponding Return on Investment of 22 percent was extraordinarily high for the buy-ins.

Daniel Colman is successful, and accordingly, many people envy this professional. Some assume that he was very lucky in his life. Of course, luck plays a crucial role in poker. Nevertheless, many critics forget that Colman has been one of the most successful players for many years and has repeatedly proven its top-class there.

5th place: Phil Ivey – World's best all-rounder

Phil Ivey is one of the best and wealthiest poker players in the world. He has won nine bracelets so far and impresses with his versatility. Numerous fans call him the best poker player in the world. However, if you ask him about his success, he always mentions his passion. Phil Ivey is really obsessed with poker and is intensely involved in this game.

When you see Ivey sitting at the table, you can judge him as a level-headed and calm contemporary. However, he is very aggressive. He has an extremely rigid look and literally pierces all of his opponents. He analyzes every single decision of his opponents with great concentration. And it is not noticeable if he adapts his playing style to his opponents so that he can exploit their weaknesses.

Many experts believe that Phil makes his game flexible. His flexibility is also his strongest weapon.

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